A todas esas almas perdidas que se olvidaron de creer en la inmensidad del amor

domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

A veces estar donde no corresponde estar te puede hacer ver lo que siempre va a hacerte mal

Did I let you down? No Did I give you up? No So, what's it all about now? It's alright with me 
I'll be fine, I don't mind. I'll pretend, at least

But if you give me something then I'll believe it - Give me something then I will wait, but if you give me nothing, I can't help feeling.

I'm in stalemate with you 
Stalemate with you. 

You used to pick me up, like a sunken pill. And I've been thinking it trough and we worked so well, but it feels wrong. When I'm strong alone, strong alone by you. And the words you say just to keep your way.. Well, they just won't do 

I need more. What are you waiting for? It's so frustrating. Give me something then I'll believe it 

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